Wood Lath: Part 3 "Nails & Mortar"

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Creating Wood Lath in Substance Designer: Part 3 "Nails & Mortar"
This is part three of a tutorial series.

- Creating a flexible nails setup with
- Adding mortar with a believable sense of gravity
Merging the wood planks and mortar

The later releases in the series will go over workflows and techniques to create natural looking roughness and albedo maps.

Skill Level - Experienced to Intermediate

YouTube an overview video - https://youtu.be/AnwBqDZofVY

Streaming Video - 1 hour 45 Minutes of HD streaming video files.

Email - josh.a.lynch@gmail.com

Twitter - "bigred3d"

Polycount - "josh_lynch"

Wood Lath: Part 3 "Nails & Mortar"