Video Tutorial - Herringbone Bricks: Part 2 "Surface Details"

Herringbone Bricks: Part 2 "Surface Detail" - is part two of a tutorial series.

This tutorial focuses specifically on methods used to create surface detail inside of Substance Designer.

• Workflows and techniques to create sculpted looking edges and surface detail.
• A lightweight set up for creating cracks.
• Methods to make the bricks less stiff and rigid by adding depth and angle variety.
• Using masks to isolate detail as well as techniques to scatter detail around for a more organic and varied look.

The later releases in the series will go over methods to create final material details with full treatments to albedo, gloss, and AO.

Skill Level - Experienced to Intermediate

YouTube an overview video -

Streaming Video - 2 hours total with 3 HD streaming video files.

Email -

Twitter - "bigred3d"

Polycount - "josh_lynch"

Herringbone Bricks: Part 2 "Surface Detail" - Overview